Building high performing and resilient teams is a science, not an art.

Blueprint for Success

This framework is the cornerstone to our approach, bringing together the core elements of team structures, team processes, and team enablers in building towards high performing and resilient teams. 


Foundational components of a team, such as: vision, mission, values, beliefs, goals, norms, roles and responsibilities.


Essential ways of working, including: decision-making, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, conflict management and reflection.


Elements that enable team performance, such as: leadership, diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety.

Team Resilience

The capacity of a team to recover from and thrive from adversity by applying specific team behaviours.

Prepare, Accelerate, Collaborate, Elevate (PACE)

We apply our PACE approach in systematically working with teams in elevating and shock-proofing their performance.


We meet with you to understand your team’s context and challenges, to conduct an initial team readiness and health assessment, to set goals and to prepare the engagement.


We engage your team with impactful experiences and training to solidify team foundations and accelerate the team development and learning process.


We examine team dynamics, leveraging a range of research-based products and instruments, and collaborate with you building shared awareness and readiness to change.


We work with your team to identify and relate key insights to your authentic work environment and to develop actions that will elevate your team’s performance.

What are the barriers holding your team back?

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