Building high performing and resilient teams is a science, not an art.

Queen's University

Reticle is a proud learning partner of the Smith School of Business and Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Queen’s University, supporting their top-tier team-based undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs.  Our collaboration across Queen’s University also extends to the Faculties of Education and Department of Athletics.

Mindframe Connect

Mindframe Connect is a new ecosystem supporting the development of resilience in Canada’s entrepreneurs.  Led by Dalhousie University in partnership with the Toronto Metropolitan University, I-INC, Globalive and Davis Pier.  Reticle was selected to provide tailored content to this ecosystem focused on Team Resilience and Psychological Safety.

Young Presidents' Organization (YPO)

YPO is the premiere global leadership organization for CEOs, numbering more than 30,000 members from 142 countries.  YPO awarded Reticle the Best Breakthrough Event of the Year for the YPO Canada Region in 2019.  The award was based on a range of criteria, including:  captivating members with impactful, actionable content and clear takeaways; crafting thought-provoking activities that push boundaries while respecting individuals’ decisions and choices; and embracing diversity among people and perspectives through exercises that amplify and celebrate di­fferent viewpoints and life experiences.

Innovation Partners

Reticle works with a number of innovation partners that work closely with us in “stress-testing” our new products and services.  Through a collaboration and rapid feedback cycle, we are able to bring new and innovative products and services to the market more quickly.

Contact us at if you’d like to become one of our Innovation Partners where you’ll benefit from discounted services and access to additional resources.


Trindent Consulting

Martello Technologies

Reticle Coin Tradition

Borrowing from a long-standing military tradition, Reticle presents serialized coins to participants who complete its award winning Resiliency Challenges.  We recognize the tremendous effort and commitment these participants demonstrate in completing our challenge, and the coin is used as a special memento of their day with us.  Over the years, pictures of these coins have shown up in all kinds of interesting places, including the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower!

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