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Reticle Team Discourse Analysis (TDA™)

Psychological safety is getting a lot of buzz these days, and for good reasons.  A team can only benefit from being a team, when its members can take interpersonal risks to bring their expertise, ideas, and concerns to the table.  While many organizations understand why psychological safety is so important, they currently lack practical tools and approaches about how to make it happen.

Measuring psychological safety is complex and challenging as it exists on a team-level, yet most current measures rely on self-reporting that is prone to error.  Psychological safety is also dynamic and can change rapidly.  Reticle’s TDA™ addresses these challenges by focusing on team’s language because language is:

  • Measurable and observable and reveals a team’s actual culture and behaviours
  • Moves away from intent (what I meant) and visualizes impact (how it affected others) 
  • Shifts the focus from ‘what others should do’ to ‘what you are (not) doing
  • Provides us with actionable, realistic tools at the team-level to achieve real change

Reticle’s TDA™: Strengthening and Damaging Elements of Psychological Safety. Contact us today to start building awareness of your team’s psychological safety.

Reticle's Reflection Method (R2M™)

Research shows that teams that reflect optimally outperform those that do not by up to 25%.  We’ve taken the science of team reflection to a new level.  R2M™ is a performance-driven, facilitated, and semi-structured approach that allows for deep reflection upon authentic or new team experiences.

R2M™ focuses on co-constructive communication and psychological safety in a way that it:

  • Allows for a team’s processing behaviour to come to the surface 
  • Leverages diversity within the team
  • Mirrors, builds, and role models psychological safety within a team
  • Facilitates and role models inclusive and co-constructive communication

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