How do you build prepare elevate measure optimize your team?

How do you build prepare elevate measure optimize your team?

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Reticle Teams

Leaving the development of teams “to chance” is not an option – the stakes are simply too high.

We believe in the power of teams and are passionate about unlocking their full potential.  Regardless of the context or level, the principles behind building high performing and resilient teams remain the same.  We combine Special Operations best practices, performance coaching, and evidence-based research to elevate and shock-proof your team’s performance. 

Reticle Teams operates actively in North America and Europe, and have worked across national security and defence, high performance sports, financial services, professional services, information technology, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment, and academic sectors.  

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Our Story

With decades of Special Operations experience in complex and dangerous environments where results matter, we understand the importance of high performing teams.  Our company’s success is built on this understanding, and everything we do helps teams achieve their true potential.

Since our launch, we’ve cultivated a diverse ecosystem of partners and collaborators, drawing in captains of industry, performance coaches, and thought leaders.  We’ve applied a scientific approach in iteratively designing, testing, and validating our programs and products.

We’ve engaged over 150 teams (1000+ participants) in authentic, simulated, and virtual environments in both North America and Europe and in over ten industry sectors.

What Our Clients Say

Kadira Carter

Financial Services Sector
My major takeaway is that the success of a team is not measured only by a result, but by the team’s capacity to stay together and grow stronger as it faces adversity over time. I forged some great relationships through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it is an experience I will not soon forget. A-ma-zing!

Jodi Osmond

Information Technology Sector
As a CPA, I have completed numerous training opportunities in the past. SOFEX was so much more than that and one of the best I’ve ever completed. A big part of being successful in a team environment is team work, whether that’s within your department or as a company. This training highlights all of this while being 100% online.

Adrian Travis

Professional Services Sector
In an age where company employees will change jobs at the first sign of discomfort or adversity, the Reticle Challenge helped me to build more resiliency into my organization, as well as understand my team’s and my personal responses when placed under great duress in an ambiguous environment. ​

Alexandra Boassie

Healthcare Sector
Reticle laid the groundwork and foundation for our new team to “form, norm, and perform” in a very short time. We completed fun and intriguing exercises in teamwork that built communication, problem solving, trust and leadership skills. Each team member was key to the accomplishment and no member was left behind.​

Our Team

Our incredibly diverse team of Associates bring together multi-disciplinary expertise and experience working in different contexts.

Program Leadership

Mike Coyle
Laura Jansen
Director of Learning & Development

Thought Leaders

Dr. Oyedeji Ayonrinde
Diana Drury
High Performance Coaching
Evergreen Lee
Dr. Damian O'Keefe
Ethical Leadership
Dr. Nick Withers
Medical Advisor
Mutaz Alefranji
AI Committee
Munish Jaswal
AI Committee
Shayaan Mehdi
AI Committee
Dr. Michelle Searle
Assessment & Evaluation
Mark Zantman
EU Development


Kadira Carter
Sean Coyle
John Hapgood
Mireille Landry
David Mack
Jennifer Causey
Zuzi Hajickova
Ian Koss
Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson
Mubin Shaikh
Facilitator/ Role Player
Kelly Williamson

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