The Reticle Challenge really stretched us and encouraged us to find our better selves and draw on the strengths of each other. My major takeaway is that the success of a team is not measured only by a result, but by the team’s capacity to stay together and grow stronger as it faces adversity over time. I forged some great relationships through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it is an experience I will not soon forget. A-ma-zing!
Kadira Carter
Financial Services Sector
The Reticle Challenge was a phenomenal opportunity to work as a team to overcome intense physical and mental obstacles. My peers were all pushed outside of their comfort zone and it was a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding and respect for one another. Not only did I walk away from the day with a better understanding of my academic curriculum, but with a new “combat ready” toolkit that I’ll use in my career and everyday life.
Emily Lowe
Technology Sector
The Reticle experience offered a unique opportunity for our team to step outside the classroom and engage in a series of time-sensitive problem-solving exercises that challenged us to cooperate in new ways and think dynamically when under pressure. As new problems required new skills, it was especially fascinating to watch the leadership roles within the team morph from one exercise to the next. Customizing the team structure to suit the demands of the situation became critical to achieving success and the applicability of this towards similarly achieving success in business was not lost on any of us.
James Snyder
Queen’s National EMBA
In an age where company employees will change jobs at the first sign of discomfort or adversity, the Reticle Challenge helped me to build more resiliency into my organization, as well as understand my team’s and my personal responses when placed under great duress in an ambiguous environment. This experience will have the effect of bringing any team much closer together and helping to shockproof the organization.
Adrian Travis
Professional Services Sector
As a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), I used Reticle to put on a leadership resiliency event for 35+ CEOs. Dealing with Reticle was an amazing customer experience. Six months later, our CEOs are still discussing the event and the amazing experience Reticle organized for all of us. I would highly recommend the Reticle Challenge for all those looking at putting together a unique, insightful and out of comfort zone learning experience for the leadership.
David Eason
International Not for Profit
My project team worked through the virtual simulation exercise delivered over Zoom by Reticle. The simulation provided a realistic scenario that challenged my team, forcing us to confront stressful situations and solve problems despite evolving parameters. The Reticle team's delivery increased the buy-in from my team; the actors were professional and convincing which demanded and encouraged my team's high performance. I would highly recommend the Reticle simulation as a team-building exercise or a unique challenge for high-performing teams.
Tenzin Ozaki
Graduate Diploma in Business
Reticle laid the groundwork and foundation for our new team to “form, norm, and perform” in a very short time. We completed fun and intriguing exercises in teamwork that built communication, problem solving, trust and leadership skills. Each team member was key to the accomplishment and no member was left behind. The result of the day was a team that was committed to each other - a unique trust was established that allowed us to excel in other academic challenges. A day that we will never forget!
Alexandra Boassie
Healthcare Sector
I had the privilege of completing this training through work. As a CPA, I have completed numerous training opportunities in the past. SOFEX was so much more than that and one of the best I’ve ever completed. A big part of being successful in a team environment is team work, whether that’s within your department or as a company. This training highlights all of this while being 100% online. We learned how to work under stress but more than that, we did a reflection after this experience which enabled us to implement what we learned. The reflection was the best part, as it allowed us to reflect what individually makes us great under stress but then what we can do to become better leaders. I would highly recommend this training to any company looking to make a positive impact on their team leaders.
Jodi Osmond
Information Technology Sector
SOFEX was an amazing experience that brought our team together in a way that has not been possible in a long time. With the whole exercise being delivered online, we were once again able to interact and work together towards a common goal. In times where social distancing had almost become the new norm it was a breath of fresh air to problem solve and communicate with one another again. The simulation and the framework introduced to facilitate reflection have been complete game changers for us. The learnings and engagement from our whole team has set things in motion that will benefit our performance standards for years to come.
Josh Engelbrecht
High Performance Sports
This was my first-time taking part in Reticle's training, and it is definitely going to be something I will remember for a while! The challenges are unique, engaging and allowed our team the opportunity to think outside of the box and clearly identify how we operate as an organization, and as individuals. Can't wait to take part in more training opportunities with Reticle in the future.
Isaac Cook
Ecosystem Manager at MindFrame Connect
Engaging in the SOFEX program with Reticle was a great team bonding experience for me and my teammates. The program simulated difficult challenges that military special operations units often face in the heat of the moment and forced us to work together and leverage our problem solving skills. By pushing us out of our comfort zone, we were forced to support each other throughout every step of the journey, and learn to rely on each other in pursuit of a goal. It forced us to simulate real life experiences such making difficult decisions under pressure and facing the consequences while maintaining pursuit of your overall goal. I would highly recommend this training for any newly formed teams or teams that want to come closer together.
Jaden Lindo
Sport Management
Reticle’s immersive online team building experience went above and beyond what I expected an online experience to be. The virtual design was easy to use and mentally and visually appealing. The challenges that Reticle’s training session put forth required my team to work together seamlessly and efficiently, which promoted and strengthened our team dynamics. The structured reflection also highlighted our strengths and weaknesses in regard to decision making and showed us valuable insight for improvement moving forward. Reticle’s unique online experience is engaging, exciting and one of a kind!
Amelia Fox
Privileged to have participated in this intensive and live based experiential training wherein I discovered a lot about myself and people. During this training I was able to acknowledge the power of communication, decision making and more so the power of a great team. My limits were tested, weaknesses exposed and strengths reinforced through out our boot camp. In all I developed to be a better person and leader. As a leader of an organisation I am tasked to build resilient business but very few programs designed to are develop innovative leaders to deal with periods of uncertainty. I am happy about my experience and my program feels complete with this experience.
Daisy Gobina
Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship
I have always regarded team dynamics as an important component to finding success and satisfaction in my job role. Our organization recently participated in Reticle’s ENGEX™ training exercise, and I’m thrilled to report that the programming was not only engaging but equipped our team members with a variety of tools to navigate even the most difficult of challenges – highly recommend.
Natalie McMullin
Communications Manager at MindFrame Connect

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